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Short and funny. lol

Haha! Very random and entertaining.
Some of it could be worked on. For example, I saw Pikachu has a sketchy outline where the background of that image can be seen.

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cownose-ray responds:

Ah well that's the magic wand tool in flash for you. (Or did I use masking on pikachu? I forget.)
Thanks for reviewing.

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As an animation, it was very good quality. Congrats. As a female, this was a painful animation to watch and not sexy for me at all because none of what happened to her looked pleasing and she looked pained for the animations that I saw.

I would agree with some reviewers, this needs more work. I do understand this is an older game as your description says. I looked at your later work, and I do see you are a beginner and learning how to make adult flash games (I'm a beginner too). I would suggest making your games more goal-oriented so there's a purpose rather than just seeing shaking butts or having a dress-up games with some sexual options. Having a goal creates interest. I would suggest creating multiple small goals that unlock various options to the big ending, or main goal, to add more of a game-feel.

For viewers, I would say the artwork is done well, but this is more of an animation with speed and view options, not a game.

I only got 10 across but still enjoyed it a whole lot. I was excited when I got someone across, but I laughed so much more when I saw them go SPLAT! XD Great game and lots of fun. It was a simple idea and very well executed as a game.

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I love the ice cream joke, it actually made me laugh. XD
Great job on the coloring and line art in the first one and I like the sketchy-ness in the second. I think it might have been a little better of an effect if the 2nd drawing was colored too and it would also draw the two drawings more together, but at the same time it might take from the humor.
Overall, I love the joke and the drawings are well done. :)

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I probably won't add much of anything on here since I mainly play games on newgrounds. I draw and paint as hobbies, and dabble very little in web design, game design/flash programming, digital art, and animation. icon Credit: cremecake.deviantart .com

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