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As an animation, it was very good quality. Congrats. As a female, this was a painful animation to watch and not sexy for me at all because none of what happened to her looked pleasing and she looked pained for the animations that I saw.

I would agree with some reviewers, this needs more work. I do understand this is an older game as your description says. I looked at your later work, and I do see you are a beginner and learning how to make adult flash games (I'm a beginner too). I would suggest making your games more goal-oriented so there's a purpose rather than just seeing shaking butts or having a dress-up games with some sexual options. Having a goal creates interest. I would suggest creating multiple small goals that unlock various options to the big ending, or main goal, to add more of a game-feel.

For viewers, I would say the artwork is done well, but this is more of an animation with speed and view options, not a game.

I only got 10 across but still enjoyed it a whole lot. I was excited when I got someone across, but I laughed so much more when I saw them go SPLAT! XD Great game and lots of fun. It was a simple idea and very well executed as a game.

Poorly made. Even after creating the correct meals the food doesn't move fast enough to get to the people before they leave unless they're at the far right. To be successful you'd need to just make different recipes and hope it's right. The art alone is not enough to give this game any sort of star.

I had a lot of fun playing it, the puzzles had me thinking in different ways, and the artwork was cute. Great job. :D

The art work is pretty, but the story reminds me too much of angry birds and the cats remind me too much of "Chococat" to keep my interest. The game also needs some instruction even though it follows the regular point-and-drag, it should still specify that it is a point-and-drag game somewhere. Overall, the art is nice, but the game play wasn't interesting enough to keep my interest.

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I like your Marceline, she's very cute.
It was really helpful to draw the base shape of the head and line for the body in grey after it's no longer the focal point. The coloring with the blue and red was helpful to and it showed the steps well.
I think you could work more on showing how the body is drawn because there seems to be a larger gap in how it's done compared to when you showed the head shape, bangs, face, clothing details, and hair.
The mute button felt a little odd since I was able to mute it once and the button showed no change and it doesn't allow the music to turn back on. Maybe it could disappear since it's no longer useful after the first click or you could add/change it to an un-mute button.
Overall, I think you did a good job and it was short and to the point.

I had a lot of fun playing it, my eyes feel like they got burned out of their sockets from the brightness of the colors. lol I stopped being able to see it at level 95. XD
It was unique and simple. It was helpful to show where the dead pixel when I clicked the wrong thing.

I probably won't add much of anything on here since I mainly play games on newgrounds. I draw and paint as hobbies, and dabble very little in web design, game design/flash programming, digital art, and animation. icon Credit: cremecake.deviantart .com

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